stock doors- worth rebuilding?

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Jul 13, 2004
Monticello, FL
So all the doors on the 40 have a good bit of rot on the bottom. Is it worth welding in new bottom panels or shoud I toss some cash at a good set? Will prob be tailgate and tube doors this summer but I'll need to do something eventually.
Yeah, even if they don't work for you, someone will bring them back from the dead. They are probably worth more than you think.

That's one of my Summer projects. Find a good welder. It's not the major job you may think it is.
76 doors real reasonable

i have two doors off a fj40-76. They are in very good condition. not a plug and play, they are disassembled. if you want em, i can ship UPS. $100 each, and UPS is about $40 to midwest per door. maybe another $40 for the glass and hardware. PM me if you have interest.
the Driver doors arent completely rusted through on the outer skin but the inside bottoms are pretty tore up. The ambulance doors are about 2" short on the bottom due to rust. I think CCOT sells weld in panels. I might check that out. +1 on keeping original parts alive longer! Thanks for the offer on the doors off your cruiser, but I think shipping to AK would be pretty killer.

:hmm:So CCOT is about $250+ship for the Ambulance door lower skins and $240 + ship for the front door lower skins. maybe I'll try to find a good set locally and if that fails bite the bullet for $600 and order the skins. Thats a bunch of cash though.
Post some pics of the doors so we can get a better idea of what shape they are truly in. I always vote for fixing things if you have the time and skills. It keeps another set of doors alive..

Agree, If you have the skill and time do fix your doors.
About a year ago went through the same thoughts and got the CCOT door panels. The skills needed for this job were far beyond mine, and it was expensive to have this done. They look great but you could likely find some good used doors for alot less money.

The guy that did these did a good job and I really can't tell they
have the been repaired.
I went the repair route with skins from Real steel cruiser parts for my 77. I had the help of a local shop and all in all it probably cost me about 800$ for the skins, repairs, sandblasting, and etc priming. I looked a lot before I went this route but I really didnt want to risk buying something for $500 or more dollars that someone said had "NO RUST" then get them and realize i am right back at square 1. The repair is not too hard, just take your time and unless your good at body work, enlist someone who is to help you or to do the whole project.
I am very happy with mine.
Wish someone would trade me some soft doors for my hard doors....they make more noise going down the road than anything I've ever heard....I can't seem to spend the 200 per door for the resto kit....I think I might just make some soft doors....
Sorry to the OP for jumping in on the door thread but i had to put in my 2 cents worth....
so I found a set of ambulance doors locally in great shape for $200. I'm ordering the door bottom kit from real steel cruiser parts so I can repair the DS door and be done with it. My doors now are pretty hammered. I'll prob just sell em cheap locally.

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