Stock bushings with lift?

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Mar 18, 2007
Altanta, GA
I just replaced my bushings, etc..., recently and was wondering if there is an inexpensive 2" lift that I could still use my stock bushings/shackles with? I want to run BFG 33x10.50s on my stock steelies. Something tells me there isn't, but I thought I'd check with you guys. Also, I don't really want to do a shackle lift, either. Thanks guys.
i installed a 3" black diamond lift a couple years back and i rember it being pretty cheap. it came with all the overszed bushings for the springs and i was able to use OEM bushings and shackles. Bushings are reletavely cheap and are good to replace while you have it all apart.
I can strongly recommend against buying a cheap lift kit, I did and the springs are terrible. Better off saving up for a decent one.

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