Stock air cleaner clearance question

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Apr 21, 2011
Batesville, Arkansas
I've got an aftermarket carb on my cruiser right now but I'm thinking of going back to stock once I get it running. My concern is that I have an aftermarket a/c compressor on the drivers side which is where the air cleaner would be. Does anyone have a stock carb/air cleaner with aftermarket a/c like that? I'm needing to know if I am going to have clearance issues. Here's a link to my truck.
Looking at your pictures the stock air cleaner for a 67 isn't going to work with this setup. Most the time the A/C compressor is mounted to the passenger's side.
Mudrak makes brackets to fit a York compressor to a 2F - usually I've seen a York mount on the passenger side.

Like here:

I imagine it won't work exactly the same for a 1F, since the 2F brackets use the alternator mounting holes and move the alternator. But I'm sure you could come up with a custom bracket to mount it on the passenger side.

Like here (again with a 2F though): Onboard Air / Welder

Here's someone who did it on a 1F:

Anyway, that's the direction I would try to go to keep your A/C unit and go back to stock carb/air cleaner.
Not sure if the F135 had the three threaded holes for the alternator bracket. I believe those are what are used when installing a compressor on the passenger's side. I believe they were there in the F145 (68) used when installing a smog pump where the alternator was on the driver's side. I know a guy who had a 68 FJ55 from California with a smog pump.
Just trying to think of options where he could remount the A/C compressor and be able to fit a stock air cleaner in there. I'm sure there's a reason there aren't many 1F York compressor mounts out there, and the only ones I've seen are custom.
A fire truck air cleaner would work. Transverse mount, across the valve cover, basket over the distributor. Would require relocating the coil.

I have ONE of those air cleaners left. It's for a 2bbl.


Mark A.

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