Stock A/C vs. Vintage Air or Aftermarket

Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Did a search and came up with zippo, so here goes. How well does a factory Nippondenso system work in a 40 versus a more "modern" system like those offered by Vintage Air? About to fly out and pull the trigger on one with factory A/C next week and am trying to figure out if I will need to replace it at some point in order for it to be effective in hotter than Hell Texas during the summer!
Aug 24, 2009
N.S.W Australia
if you do want to swap out the original one please let me know, i'am always on the lookout for a good one, they work great in utes (pick ups)


Jan 6, 2009
Mississippi, Southern part

The problem with old systems is that the sealing material shrinks, cracks, falls out and it looses it air flow. When I rebuilt my AC that came in my 75 I resealed and taped all the cracks and edges and reworked everything. It now blows good cold air with no leaks. the oem sytle is not that efficient but will cool you in the front seat. Mine had no outlet on the drivers side which is a problem. the Vintage air unit does have an outlet for the drivers side. The Vintage air would replace the heater box and handle both heat and AC.
The Nostalgic air unit looks like the unit that was installed by the dealer on my 75. It does not replace the factory heater box.
So, it becomes a matter of choice.
Your least expensive route would be to remove the original unit and rebuild it. fan motors are availabel as well as switches and controls.
It really helps to have a tight top / cab as well. hot air flowing in around poor door seals and holes in the firewall are counter productive to having AC.

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