stock 60 axles on 37's?????????

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Mar 21, 2002
looking for opinions on stock fj60 axles w/ 37's. will they hold up?
I've been running 37 MTRs on my 40 with 5.29s and detroits with no problems. I'm pretty rude to it also, but I'm still runnin a 2f. I would say yes, though.
Ive run 35's 36's and even 38"s with standard axles and diffs, I run a solid machined spacer on the pinion, and ARB carriers as they are much stronger and prevent flex of the crownwheel away from the pinion.

I also run a really good grease in the front cv's and am thoughful of lock, lockers and loud pedal, and have never run non OE cv's or crownwheels.

I do run a reasonably low carefactor for the car though, to find the weak link, so it can be fixed.
me too.
you machine a solid spacer on the lathe, to replace the crush tube between the pinion bearings.

Take up as much of the bearing shoulder as you can, as well as the shape of the pinion, and machine it until it is the right height to set proper pre load on the pinion bearing.

A little time consuming, but worth the effort.

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