Stock 1975 FJ40 Tire Size vs Motor size

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I am a new owner of a stock FJ40 and am about to begin some modifications.
Will the 2F with 4.1 dif be adequate for 32's or 33's.
Or should I start over with a Chevy 350. The motor only has 61,000 miles on it and I was thinking of overhauling it.
I am planning on installing a 2 1/2" lift.
The FJ40 will be used in higher elevations around Telluride, Colorado.
Any Information would be helpful.
I run a built 2f with 4.11 and 35" tires and it does very well. A stock 2f will be fine with 32" or 33" tires. If you feel under powered, the added cost of puting a 350 in your crusier you could instead add some upgrades to your 2f or put some 4.56's in your axels. Personally i think cruisers are best if they are still toyota.
Unfortuantely I am in California and am limited on the number of modifications I can do to astock vehicle.

Does anyone know what can be done and still maintain my smog legal status? Or of a good resource for that information?

Based on other post the keep original motor vs swap to chevy is quite common. I am still up in the air but need to decide soon.
well I guess I will jump in here and put in my .02. Keep it stock, 61k dont rebuild it, . that motor will pull tires upto 35inch. Would not go the 350 route, you have a toyota not a chevy.(not to take away from anybody who has done this because it works very well. In my opinion it takes away from orininality. kind of like when these guys put rockwell axles under a tube frame with a big block and put a jeep body on it and they call it a jeep, EXACTLY WHICH PART IS A JEEP! Sorry to use such language on this site I mean a heep.
I have rebuilt a few other cars including a CJ2A and always have kept them stock. What about information or resources for maximizing the 2F?
Any thought on running the 2F in High elevations?
as far as getting performance parts for a 2f they are out there, I would keep it stock and put efi on it, that would be the best performance mod. you could do.
Regarding the EFI any recommendations or results from someone running it on a 2F? Are they tempermental at all?
EFI would probaly eliminate my concern in the high elevations.
you can go to the tech on this site or do a google search, there are companies that make a kit $1400, or you can do a junkyad efi

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