Still not quite right handling Series 100 LX470

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Jun 15, 2010
So I've got new inner and outer tie rods on driver side. Fresh from the alignment shop. Pass seems good and tight.
Bearing pre-load is correct. 180k miles
It still seems unsettled going down hill at highway speeds...
ACH is functioning

Here are my thoughts.
Tires? I have the balloon Michelin MXV's date coded 2013. But when I push on the truck I can get it really swaying back in forth in the drive way.

ACH? Torsion bars and springs are tired and globes are under too much stress?

Suspension? Upper sway bars move a bit when I Pry on them against the mounts?

Things I would try and check. Check your rear control arm bushings, check your neutral pressures on ahc, check fluid condition, there are threads on how to setup your ahc, ride height etc. Over inflate your tires and give it a try, don’t just go by the recommended tire pressure.

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