still no luck

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Apr 16, 2003
the cruiser won't charge and wont idle at low rpm. The alternator is good and so is the battery but there is no charge registering. I took the voltage regulator off and looked at it and I think it checks out ok. I guess it is in the wiring. when i turn on any accesories, the ampmeter reads like -30. Any ideas. Could it be a wire between the regulator and alternator?
This probably won't help, but maybe a short?

My truck wouldn't start and it turned out to be a melted terminal in one of those little connector boxes, halfway between the ignition switch and the coil. Fun times trying to find that :-\

Good luck
With the engine running disconnect your negative battery cable. If the engine dies, your alt is shot.
How do you know your regulator is good, I'm assuming its an external voltage regulator?
Have you checked your negative battery cable? Check the connection, both chassis ground, and terminal. If they are loose or corroded, no charge.
take a look at the fusible link(I imagine a 75 has a FS)
Hey still no luck, Check the b+ wire from the big terminal on the alternator, and find the connector at the fender, should be a 3 wire push in . I replaced the alt. and then found the problem. :cheers: Earl
Even if the regulator "checks" out you can still have a rectifier that wont put your juice out. Did you check continuity from all the wires coming off of your alt? You can have one bad wire that is fouling everything up till it gets enough amperage to finally open up. Its normally the wire that it really warm or melting. :eek:

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