Still in Search of the Perfect 80

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Oct 8, 2003
Yep, me again. I know it's becoming annoying. I'm still looking for an 80. What do you all think about this one?

My main beef with this one is that it's in Baltimore, and I'm in Arkansas. It's about 1000 miles between the two of us, I've driven it on multiple occassions. I hate flying and dread the drive, but I guess if it's a good enough deal, I'll bite the bullet one way or another.

I was wondering if anyone else lives up in that part of the country and could tell me how prevalent the use of salt is up on the roads, or maybe even how resistant the 80's are to corrosion.

Oh, BTW, I did make sure it had a locker before I wasted anyones time here ;)

Anyone wanna give me an "I'd pay... ...for it." ???
It's approaching the price that I would not look for something else.

I don't know about all the cosmetics on the girlie edition (Lexi :flipoff2:), but either the bumperettes are different on the rear or a piece is missing on the ds (rubber and light ???).
There's a 97 LX in Sunday's paper with 67k miles. The ad said it has the 60k service and the price is $20k OBO. It's probably been in New Mexico since new. Local prices have been dropping lately and other than the low mileage and that it's a Lexus, it shouldn't bring over $17k... maybe $16k or less.

PM me for the phone number if you are interested.
Looks good to me pending mechanical...
Run a carfax. See what the history is.
Ask about the current service status. Tranny fluid, birfield, coolant, etc.
If you don't mind the two tone (blk & gry) exterior
Check the CD changer if it works
Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate..... Even it is a Lexus, you are dealing with 6 year old car. Should not be more than 17k even the book will show 21 and over.
To this date, no one that I've contacted has any idea what a "birf" is. These car dealers that auction cars off on ebay have NO service records on anything it seems. Kind of sucks, but it also sucks that you can't find many of these rigs in privateer's hands that are looking to sell. :-\
Simply, if you are willing to pay around $70, have them bring the car to the Toyota dealer to get the pre-purchase inspection performed and have dealer fax you the result. Or have someone close by the selling dealer check out the vehicle. I have purchased alot of cars through ebay. I have been very successful fortunately. I always expressed my interest towards the vehicle and had them check out by authorized dealers if they did not have any service records. If they hesitate to do so, simply walk away. It is not worth it. It you don't mind white 96, I have a local guy who is selling a LC and i have driven this one before i have purchased my blk 97. Let me know.
Good luck.
Well, I'm definitely in the market. Where are you located, and could you give me a general rundown? Basically, I demand F&R locking diffs :p also want one with not much over 100K miles, if any, and mainly want one that's been cared for (no stains, tears, or other signs of abuse on the inside or outside). I find usually if someone cares for the body of the vehicle, usually they'll be more prone to keeping it mechanically sound as well. How much is he wanting for it? Color is not really an issue with me, I don't really care about it, just NO RED. :)
Yes, thankyou. I've been scouring the local online classified advertisements, incl autotrader,, and the local newspapers that are online. Just haven't come up with anything that really catches my attention quite yet. The reason I'd prefer to stay local as I'd rather use the money I have to spend on a vehicle ON the vehicle, rather than for traveling or shipping expenses.
Besides mine, which trust me, no one should ever want to buy, there is one 80 left in my neighborhood. It's a 96 with lockers. In just the last few months, I've seen 96 & 97's w/ lockers mostly, going from just over $12k to a max of just under $15k.

Truck is dd of some TBPB woman that only drives it around town (daycare, school etc). This one only has about 45k miles on it and it does have lockers. I haven't been in it, but I talked to her and she had no idea what the lockers were for. They are going to dump it before Thanksgiving, so if you want more info, let me know. They haven't set a price yet, but I told her what I thought it was worth. :flipoff2:
I would love to get my hands on a cruiser like that. If this vehicle is in as good of condition as a 45K mile vehicle should be, I'm not sure if I could afford it. 16K would be my max I want to pay for a vehicle right now. Where do you live? I can wait till thanksgiving if I need to, right now I daily an 87 4Runner.

It's in north central NJ.

Uh, dude, like I wouldn't pay $16k for it even with the chick attached. :flipoff2: :D
Are you serious? You'd pay less than $16K for a 96 with only 45K miles on it? What do you think would be a fair price then?
Hey, I'm cheap. There has been an overabundance of 96-97 80's hitting the classifieds in my town and they almost all have had lockers. I just hooked up my bud with a 97 for just over $12k. I could have bought a 97 40th last year for $14.5k, but the guy would not take my offer of $14k, so I flicked him the salute and moved on.
With how many miles was that offer based on?

How motivated are these sellers?
Can't remember exactly, but think the 40th had like 65k on it. The dude pulled in next to me at a Stones concert that said he liked my truck and wanted to know what it was :doh: :slap:. I said the beater edition of what you're driving. :slap: :D (just got done wheeling the day before so was covered in crap, fresh scrapes and sticks attached to it with 36" swampers on it).

Uh, motivated? What planet are you from dude? They have an extra vehicle that they don't need. They aren't like Pimp who collects cruisers like you do dingles on the aft end :flipoff2:. Most of these folks have a Mercedes as one car and are replacing their cruisers with 100's, Gwags or something along those lines. It's less about the money than it is about not enough room in their driveways. That's why the deals have been so frequent and easy to pluck. :D
Well hook me up with some contact info if you would bro :cheers:

BTW, how much did you tell her it was worth? :D
I'll see her later this week and will forward her info to ya.

I told her the same price range and she seemed to think it made sense. I helped her out one day when her starter went kaput. Ah yes, always help the TBPD women I say. :D

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