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Feb 19, 2008
Stickers for the club arrived on Monday. I have given a few out already and have the rest with me in my FJ Cruiser.

If any members want a couple stickers please PM or email me on how to get them to you. Some I will have to mail to out of area members but local (charleston tri county area) members I would like to have us just meet and do the swap of goodies though a stamp would likely be cheaper than gas in my FJ. :D :D

If you want one just contact me and let me know. DBENKE will have a portion of them as well to hand to the guys in Mount Pleasant or James Island areas if that helps.

Thanks for the support and mine has already lasted through two rain showers and a full sunny day without running or fading.....already a 100% improvement. :D :D

Actual sticker scanned in below....

Thanks to Rick (BMTHiker) for his help on graphics..and Jeffery for his company doing the work.
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Brock, I will be in Charleston May 5, 6 & 7, I can pick up mine and Pete's & Jim's too.
I would like some. I have to replace my faded old one anyway.
belmont, did you get the stickers I left on your desk at work? Went by and gentleman took me upstairs to office on left and said that was put two on there but you were not in it. If you dont have them then whomever has the messy desk that is first on left from stairway has your stickers. :D
Thanks for all your help on these stickers Rick....I will have them at the Uwharrie Run for UC and LC members that want one...

Super. I can cover up the Clemson Mafia sticker that has completely faded to gray.

Hold on to a couple for me Ron! Will try to get them when I pick up the shirts. :)
I got plenty.....everyone that is member gets TWO. Will have both shirts and stickers with me at end of month. DBENKE has some stickers too for those of you that see him and not me before then.

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