steroid piggie

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Jan 9, 2006

Just bought me a pig the other day, didn´t want to post these pics in the owners thread because it´s not finished.
Thought you guys would like to see how we mod 4x4s here in Iceland :)

It´s a ´71 and I bought it of a guy that had been restoring it but lost is workshop and it had just been sitting in his garage since summer (at the beach mind you).

It has a new 302 Ford engine with some goodies.
Irginal drivetrain (no need for change there).
44" mudders on 16" wide rims.
Air locker in front and autolock in the rear.
The entire front end is plastic, the hood too.
220l fuel capacity.

We use our 4x4s to drive in snow (hence the baloons).

well that´s about it I think now I only have to give her a new paint job and connect a few hoses and I´ll be off :cheers:


Amby doors came on certain yrs although I do not know which ones, I think they are a lot more common in other countries. I'm sure someone will chime in on that. As for your 44's do you have some spare birfields? I wouldnt imagine running tires that big without converting to longfields. The regular birfs can't handle that. Maybe the snow will cut down on that some but that locker will work against you. In the end I would expect to see a broken birf before to long. Nice rig though.
Looks like the pig from hell, but judging frome the pics your a long way away. That is a bad pig dude, keep on crusin.:cheers:
Welcome, :beer:
very nice 55 indeed, i can't get over how big it is :D

the ambulance doors are quite common here in australia, i consider myself lucky to end up with a 55 with a tailgate, as i prefer the looks and practicality of it. infact probably 8/10 piggies i see here have the ambulance doors.
very interesting plastic bodywork btw. nice
Now thats cool .
more pics please . alwayse envy the stuff us USA folks cant have .
The car came with a truckload og spareparts when I got it (incl axles, 4 birfileds, gearbox etc) so I plenty of spare parts if something goes wrong, but where could I get these longfields you mentioned?

The plastic work was custom made here a few years ago.

and here´s a old pic :)

Theres another good source for the longfields but I forget it at the moment. When it comes to me I'll post it up.

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