Stereo installed in dash?

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Mar 24, 2006
Mukilteo, WA
I'm contemplating the installation of a stereo in the dash of my 72 LC. I did a search of MUD and did not find any dash installed stereos other than those that are installed between the two pieces of the lower dash pad where some factory radios are installed. My lower dash pad is one continuous piece with no provision for a radio. Anyone have any photos of radios/stereos installed above the lower dash pad?
the PO of my 40 cut the pad and installed a tape deck. the cut out looks factory though, the main hole and two "screw" holes are covered in factory paint.

reach up and behind the dash and check for a hole
The PO of my owner 1972 FJ40 cut a hole in the dash and
installed a cheap crappy cassette deck. I replaced it with
something better. But I'd still prefer to have an uncut dash.

PM me if you want a pic.


1972 FJ40
2003 100
Biggest problem with installing a radio in the dash above the pad is the distance between the dash and firewall. The defroster vents are also in the way. I had to remove the defroster tubes when I redid my dash area. I would not advise putting a radio or cb in the dash.
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so are you saying my dash was cut , and is not a factory opening? i know the lower dash pad is cut (becuase its done poorly. ) i plan on no radio so ill be looking for pictures of the dash without a radio

HIJACK!!!!!!!!! Please post photos !!!!!
I have a 1970 Fj40, and I did cut my dash to install a radio. I do NOT regret it at all. I relocated some the switches, and removed the ones I was not using. I have a V8 so I did not need things like choke, I don't have a rear heater. I installed it above the lower dash pad, where the 2nd row of switched would be. (sorry no picture right now, maybe later)

You do need to watch how deep your head unit is. There is not a lot of room in there, but it can work.

I installed a radio in the dash of my 68. I did it around the time I switched to a four speed with a floor shift transfer case. It's located in the later stock radio location. Picked up the lower dash pads from a later cruiser. In 68-72 FJ40s there is a bracket for the hi/lo shifter spot welded in the radio location. The ashtray spot wouldn't be to bad if the defrost vent wasn't behind it like someone else brought up.

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