Stereo hookup?

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Jun 7, 2006
Anchorage, AK
Picked up another cruiser a couple months ago. It is a 60 with 3FE engine put in by one of the POs. Drives decent, great around the town/off road beater with a heater but the problem is there is no stereo! Didnt mind at first but a man needs his tunes! Pulled open the dash but it is a bit of an electircal nightmare in there with cut wires etc. There is a cable running from the battery to the unit and so the unit turns on, speakers are all connected but I cant find any return wire from the stereo back to the vehicle. I tested the stero unit and it works. I am no electrical wiz but feel like a dumba$$ for not being able to figure this out. Ideas anybody?

stereo might still be bunk. my buddys got one that does that turns on but wont play anything or make any sound.... not much help but i always have my buddy do all my stereo stuff...
On my 60 the harness that went to the factory headunit had 5 wires total, a ground (-), accessory power (+), LF speaker (+), RF speaker (+), and a common ground between both speakers. I found it better sound quality to just run completely new speaker wire all the way from headunit to speakers.

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