Stereo / Bluetooth upgrade choices for '01 LX470 Mark Levinson w/o Nav

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Nov 20, 2017
Austin, TX
Just turned 200K on our 2001 LX (NO Navigation and Mark Levinson system) and looking at upgrades to our stock head unit. Everything still works.

For now, I am going to install / solder a female stereo jack onto the tape player circuit board so i can add a cheap hands-free / bluetooth device for the truck.

However, I was wondering what my options are for a double din unit that can offer hands free driving with blue tooth capability? Not looking to break the bank here or do lots of modifications. I feel like I have medium to medium-high levels of tech capability.

I installed this (now unavailable) Panasonic head unit last month. I'm pretty happy with it.

Pioneer AVIC-5200NEX

If nothing else, plug your year / model into the search box on the site and see what's out there. It's a pretty easy upgrade.

I went thru a lot of self induced mental trauma installing mine. Not so much the head unit, that was easy. Their "plug and play" amp bypass wiring harness wasn't so much plug and play. They left power out of the harness. In hindsight I should have followed the advice that I got on Mud and just wired power separately. But noooo, I wanted to plug into the factory amp and use that. Except I had pulled the factory amp and couldn't find it. So I found one on eBay and used that. But, when they removed the amp they cut the wiring right at the amp. Bonus - they included the plugs, one of which I would need later. On the down side, when they cut the harness they popped a 10A surface mount fuse (one lead always has power on it). I spent a couple of days trying to find an external problem. I finally pulled the circuit board and pretty quickly found that a fuse was installed on the board in the power supply section. A quick check with the meter showed it was popped. I quick power up check with an ammeter across the fuse showed no shorts downstream. I ordered a fuse, replaced it, and poof... the head unit powered up and works great. Blue tooth, DVD (rear only :/ ) map, cell phone hands free... all kinds of goodies

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