Steering wheel & Horn help

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Mar 24, 2006
On my '88 fj62, the horn slowly stopped working over the last year. Lately it would work if I turned the wheel all the way to the right. So I thought I'd try the .22 shell trick. No luck yet. I got the steering wheel off and marked with a sharpie to line it back up. I cleaned everything up inside. When I put the circuit tester on the steering wheel pin and run it to the main stud of the steering wheel, it lights up. No luck when connecting it to the steering wheel horn contacts. It works with and without the .22 shell.

I'm wondering if I'm not seating the steering wheel deeply enough? There is a brown plastic ring in pic 1 around the steering wheel nut shaft with three knobs popping up that look like they line up with the wheels in a triangular shape on the back of the steering wheel. Is there a trick to getting that to line up, or does it come off easily so you can put it on the wheel before reinstalling? It's spinning all over the place and I'm not sure if that's preventing it from seating deeply enough. Can I just cut those three nubs off?

When I run the circuit tester to the steering wheel itself and engage the horn pad it doesn't light up, but maybe that's because the wheel isn't grounded when it's not connected to the shaft? Either way I'm not getting any engagement from the horn when I put the wheel back on, but it lights up with the circuit read. It will also honk if I touch a screw-driver to the horn-pin and the splined wheel shaft.

62 steering wheel 1.jpeg

62 steering wheel 2.jpeg

62 steering wheel 3.jpeg
I did the .22 trick and it made it work sometimes. I ended up buying a new pin and ring that goes on the steering wheel. Unbelievable how worn out the original pin was. Perfect now.
Try this and report back!
A new pin and plate are ~$18


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