Steering system and restoration project

Mar 30, 2003
Have a question Actually have many. Have a 1975 FJ40 that the PO installed power steering on. Has a Saginaw power steering pump installed on the driver side, front frame. seems to be a straight forward installation, Very few parts. I have disassembled the FJ down to the tub so I can do a frame off. Today I got everything removed from the dash ( going to change the color of the beast) except the steering gear. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the steering "column" from the firewall forward removed. Until I get it and the steering wheel out, I can't get the pedal assembly out. Here is what I have. The steering post exits the firewall into the engine compartment via a bearing plate in the firewall, it then goes to a universal joint and there is a bolt going through the column at the joint. I figures the bolt holds the column on the u-joint so I removed the bolt but no luck. Further inspection showed that the column is actually welded to the u-joint. As the column leaves the u-joint and goes down to the Saginaw unit there is another u-joint very close to the Saginaw and the column is also welded to the u-joint at that point. I can't see where it is bolted to the Saginaw ( the U-joint) . Any help?
Another question: do the Saginaws wear out? I have quite a bit of steering wheel play in the system and when I drove it home from the Purchaser the FJ wandered around like it was on ball bearing. I've read the posts in archive on wandering but was wondering if Saginaw slop could cause this.
Another question: I noticed that the steering dampner goes from the front linkage to the steering arm of the Saginaw, is that correct?
Last question: My FJ has been desmogged but it has what appears to be a charcoal canister in the engine compartment with a couple of lines running to it. Do I still need the cannister connected or can I remove it and the lines?

OK, I will be quiet.
Any help would be appreciated.

D. Kane
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I can answer the charcoal canister question-The charcoal has to do with a different type of emissions-gas vapor from the gas tank. Emissions from the tank go to a small condenser inside that shield right above the tank, and at the bottom of that condenser is a tube that goes through a one-way valve, that then goes underneath the car to the charcoal canister, and from the charcoal canister a tube goes to the VS (vacuum switching valve on US DS fender well.) From there those vapors get sucked into the carb and burned along with liquid gas. Not sure what the charcoal does, but the simple answer is no you shouldn't remove it. It is supposed to be renewed every 50k miles, but I don't know where you would get one.
Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
dont know about the saginaw part of your steering, but if your still hooked up to the center arm that can cause slop
it can be adjusted or you can rebuild it. i rebuilt mine, was 100bucks or so, would recommend that as the brass is probably worn down enough in a 75, was in my 71.
if thats your problem, try adjusting it first to see

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