Steering Shimmy at 45 mph

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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida
I've recently replaced the stock size tires with BF Goodrich AT/KO 285, 75R 16's :D and now notice a slight steering wheel shimmy at 40-50 mph ???. It could have been there prior to replacing the tires and I just didn't notice it :doh:. I've only put 2K miles on this Cruiser since I purchased it and the current mileage is 118,310. I don't think the steering damper has ever been replaced. What'd ya think?

Wayne S
Definitely. Take it back to where you got them mounted and have them rebalanced. Make sure no rims are bent. If you still have the shimmy, rotated the fronts to the back and backs to the front and see if you still get the shimmy. If you do, then start looking into the steering components.
I would also suggest a "road force balance". The advanced machines measure tire and wheel out-of-round and the tech can break the beads and rotate the high side of the wheel to the low side of the tire to make it a bit more round.

The local Discount Tire stores have a high-end balancing machine as Dan describes. The BFG A/T's are notorious for being hard to balance.

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