Steering shaft

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Feb 28, 2005
Well my steering shaft is really worn out seized rusted and the u joints are loose. I have talked to G&S and they have steering shafts for JDM's my question is does anyone know if it is the same length at my CDM spec cruiser?

thanks for any advice or help

Ah going to send this to the 70 section.
Should be the same as long as you don't use the shorter Light Duty stuff.

I cant see why they wont be the same,but it doesnt hurt to measure them 1st;)
the part nubers ae the same for the RJ,LJ,BJ7* for the main and first intermediate.
the second intermediate are different for the RJ,LJ7* from the BJ7*
all BJ are the same so according to this info the parts should be interchangable between all BJ7*

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