Steering shaft and Joints

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Jun 23, 2002
Is there any major reason to spend the extra 100 bucks to upgrade from the standard PTO style yolks and spicer crosses VS. the new slick Borgson style universal joints ?

This is a moderate trail rig /daily driver.

I'm doing the Gm tilt wheel conversion and will need to make a new intermediate shaft, I already have the spud shaft and 1/2 a yolk. I can rebuild it the way it was..... or upgrade it to the fancy stuff, but is it really money well spent ?

The picture shows where Im starting from.....all the other parts are going to be new....just trying to figure out how to go about it.
Can't quite tell for sure but if that is splined and has the pinchbolt groove you may be able to use GM goods.
Made mine from a mixture of astro-van and chev p/u parts. The GM goods are very interchangeable. I just played with a bunch of junkyard pieces to see what fit with what and presto, one hybrid steering shaft made from over the counter parts available anywhere. Even has a good DD slip joint and the right spline for my saginaw so no spuds or adapters.
It does have the splined pinch bolt shaft. How did you set it up not to need a spud shaft ? It looks like I need that to clear the xmember.
My saginaw has the same spline as the astro steering u-joint that has the slip-joint on it. It bolted right up. Doesn't rub at all.
Hammerhead, what is the spline count on your box? I just got a box from a '67 Impala and I think it is 30 spline. Will the Astro joint work with this box?
I think it was something like 30 spline .730 dia. but I'm not positive. As far as I know there are 2 diameters. The .730 and a larger .800 with 36 splines (I think). My box came from a J20 and had the same spline as the Astro. It is the smaller of the two.
So ...what is being said so far is that the borgson style universal joints are a waste of time and money and either go for the Pto style that was already there or make somthing out of Junkyard parts ?
Hammerhead says "Borgeson = Bling Bling". If you're made of money get the Borg. It's a nice fitting, shiny chrome, well made assembly. Doesn't work any better than my PTO or hammerheads GM hybrid setup.
78 is right. The PTO or the GM work great. By the way, I don't have anything against the borg setup. I just don't need to spend that kinda money.
Im trying to get the proper part numbers to reuse that spud shaft yolk. I figured the borgeson stuff was overkill. Im going to go with the pto stuff as soon as I can track the p/n's down. thanks to everyone that gave their opinions
Last question I hope on this subject !

I was told by Napa parts guy that he called spicer directly and they didn't have a yolk that would attach to the 1 " 48 spline GM column shaft.

Does anyone know of one ?

He's tracked the other yolks and cross's down they are on order and Im going to be able to use my spud shaft w yolk to the new yolk w/ cross...but at the other end of the shaft im going from smooth to 48 spline.
I gave up fighting and threw money at it, borgeson had a u-joint that went from 48 spline to smooth 3/4 .
Did you still use the PTO stuff from there down?
I ran a hodgepodge for a number of years with no problems, but finally broke down and did a Flaming River joint/DD combo. Very pleased with it, but it steered before too ;)

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