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Feb 15, 2007
Santa Rosa, CA
so i have been reading alot of the threads on tre's and other steering related stuff to see if my symptoms fit but they really don't for the most part.

so i thought the collective mud brain would be able to help, my steering is good for the most part not much play in the wheel before i actually start to turn meybe less than 1/2" play, but occasionally it wants to dart to one side or the other, usually off to the right im not sure if it's just uneveness pulling or if i need to fix, re build or replace something.

any thoughts?
Does it happen when you apply the brakes?
it does have a little pull but thats not what i was talking about (what causes the break pull?)
It may be a problem related to the suspension. Here is a quote I found on another thread. Seems likely, and I know JimH put those Ironmans on that cruiser.

If you have recently worked on the springs you may need to tighten the u-bolt. They can cause you to wander.
appreciated ill hafta look into those options in my spare time (after the honey do list is done)

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