Steering Question.

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Mar 27, 2003
North Georgia, USA
I have concluded my steering is really loose.
What can i do/replace to tighten it up? Any idea on the cost/time/degree of difficulity involved?

I have already replaced my Drag Link (or whatever you want to call it) and Tie Rod w/the Slee heavy duty ones.

What more can i do?

Joe M
:mad: You might be in the same boat as me. If you've gone through and eliminated everything else (wheel brngs, trunion brngs, bushings, tie rod ends,etc) then it probably is the steering box (like ME). check the input and output shafts of the box for play and check the box for leakage. There is an adjustment for the box (to take out some backlash) that is in the FSM. Its a 1 :banana: job but it probably won't correct your problem (read need new or remaned steering box). Flushing and bleeding the PS system MAY help a wee bit, but if there is excessive play in the shafts, its probably the box. Search here and the SOR archives for it, I believe that Photoman posted a description of the box adjustment procedure. HTH.
More info needed. If you have new tie rod ends with the Slee stuff, you need to look at the rest of the system. I assume you didn't reuse the TRE's. How much freeplay do you have in the steering wheel? About an inch is normal. More than that and the steering gear box could be worn though that doesn't seem to be common. If your caster is off due to a lift, this makes the steering feel sloppy, but it isn't. The only fix will be some sort of caster correction. Let us know what you figure out.

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