Steering problems

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Nov 14, 2007
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada
This has probably been dealt with somewhere else in this forum but I couldn't find info on it. The other day I was backing my BJ60 (with 3B) into a parking spot at Superstore, and suddenly my steering wheel started turning way too easily. I realized I wasn't actually turning the wheels, so I just parked the truck where it sat. When I was done shopping, I pounded the steering linkage bar (I don't know the proper name for it) back on to the knob on the steering box, tied it up with rope, and drove home. This is obviously a pretty dangerous part to not have working perfectly, so what should I do to fix it properly? What are the parts I should be looking for, and are they specific to the cruisers with 3b engines, or will they be the same for all cruisers around that year?
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With the exception of the pitman arm to steering gear box, all the other connections should have castle nuts with cotter pins to secure them in place. The pitman arm is held onto the steering gear box using a lockwasher and nut.
steering linkage.JPG
steering gear.JPG
Key work being "SHOULD"
Thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for. It's the link joint knob that has probably worn down, and now pops out of the seat on the end of the pitman arm. I'll order the parts from Napa or somewhere tomorrow.
This drag link ball joint poped out on me at 70 MPH in Birmingham, AL once upon a time. 5PM, I-20, on a Friday afternoon. I was also driving in my boxers cause is was 95 out and my old FJ60 didn't have AC. By some miracle of God, I downshifted into third and the truck went down an offramp. Thank the lord for positive caster... Feel lucky yours poped out while going 1-2 MPH. Its probably a good idea to replace all the TRE's at the same time. You'll find your steering is much tighter afterward too.

Good luck
Yeah, I was pretty glad it came apart in a parking lot and not on the highway. You're lucky you've got someone watching out for you :)

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