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Feb 26, 2003
Does anyone know a good place to get a cheap front axle rebuild kit? I have a 78 FJ40 and one of the knuckle bearings is shot. It's a KOYO Part #303030. Someone suggested I try a Knuckle bearing from an 85 4Runner Solid front, but it did not fit. It was some German bearing, part #30303 ... but no extra 0. Anyway, it would not fit... I am so tired of looking at my truck on jackstands. I wish this 3 month SOA project would be over soon so I can actually drive this thing once in a while. Someone please help. I think it would be wiser to just go ahead and replace all the bearings and seals up there now while I have it all apart.
The correct bearing is 30303 D. A regular 30303 will fit, but it has a different taper and will not last as long in this application.
The cheapest quality kit is at Heart Of Texas Off Road  Robert stocks kits with Koyo bearings.  Good idea redoing the seals while you're at it. $78

Are you referring to Timken bearings?  US made AFAIK.  Did you change the bearing race too?


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