Steering Gearbox Input Seal-Callout to 60WAG

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Jun 21, 2008
Virginia Beach
I have the PS Gearbox leaking at the input shaft (not pitman arm) issue. I have seen a few posts about being able to just replace the seal and avoid a rebuild.

60WAG had a few posts regarding this and was able to do it on-vehicle.

I just want to be sure i am looking at the right part.
Below are pics from the FSM. Can anyone confirm that the O-Ring marked is the right part to replace?

Any other experience, lessons learned, would be great too.


As I recall, I didn't go that far into the assembly. I removed the lock nut (500 36,49) and the adjusting screw. The leaking oring seats in the adjusting screw. The two orings shown next to the worm bearing both seal the adjusting screw. The large one seals the screw to the housing, the small one seals the screw to the shaft, I think.

The hard part is retightening the lock ring without losing the adjustment of the adjusting screw. Mark it before you take it apart so that when its back together, you can tell if the adjuster is back in the same location.
Be VERY careful not to allow the worm shaft to move outward. I let that happen once and grenaded the steering box on the next trip due to ball bearings floating around where they shouldn't have been.
Again thanks for the relies.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to use instead of the SST's.
Looks like you need 2, one to hold the adjuster (with 2 holes in it) and one to turn the lock nut.

I can get a channel lock on the nut(barely) but cannot figure out what to do with the adjuster.

I made a tool to fit the pin holes in the adjuster. You may be able to find an adjustable spanner wrench that'll fit.
Here's the tool I made for removing the lock ring on my '85. Instead of be a hex nut, it was circular with four notches at 90degrees. For the adjusting screw, I may have used one of the pin wrenches I have made for bicycles.
steering gear sst.jpg

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