Steering finally fixed!! OME - 4Plus flip kit

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Feb 9, 2007
Nixa, MO
after 6000+ miles and a year or white-knuckle driving, my problem has finally been solved.

I have an OME setup - med front, heavy rear. all OME parts, anti-inversion shackles. have 4-Plus U-bolt Flip kit.

My truck was like driving on ice skates. I could barely keep it on the road. Had my alignment checked with a computer, and my caster was off a bit. (-.4) Ordered some 4.5* caster shims from 4Crawler for the front, and 2* for the rear.

I can cruise at 70 mph and actually change lanes. Before, this wouldn't have been possible (doing it and feeling safe) above 45 mph. a big huraah out to 4Crawler. I can actually jerk the wheel at 60 mph and the body roll is gone!! It drives like a new half-ton pickup, as far as handling.

I think my problem was in the 4-Plus Flip Kit. There seems to be a lot of wiggle room during installation, allowing for some misalignment. After lots of reading and studying, when I took it back apart, I sort of knew what I was trying to achieve when putting it back together. I didn't understand any of this the first time. I thought - "this can only go together one way." not true. The rear axle is even more likely to go together wrong if your not careful.

I post this just to say, if you are putting on a 4-plus U-bolt Flip Kit, or are considering one, BE CAREFUL when installing that the axles are lined up correctly. and get some caster shims FIRST. if i had to do it again, I would even go to a 5* or 5.5* shims in the front.

shis on the back axle are 2*. i took the info off the 4crawler website and made the measurements shown there. i was 2* off, so i corrected it. the flange plate on the driveshaft out of the transmission and the flange plate on the rear diff are supposed to be at the same angle.

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