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Mar 1, 2003
I've got a new saginaw set up in my 40 with 35's. It drives great now with new tyres. what if anything will installing a steering damper do for me? will it protect my tyres from premature wear? If I should put one if which type a single or double?
Come awn this guy needs a response! :bow:actually I have almost the same exact ?, I have been driving mine part time for a year now and have no complaints.
last year I decided that my 22yo stock was bust because I had nearly broken my fingers several times and the steering wheel would go lock to lock in under a second. After many hours belting the old one off I put a new OME on, and its been fantastic. I think the power steering on yours absorbs lots of pressure though reducing the need for a huge damper.

You will know if you need a new one offroad, especially in soft sand.

since the power steering works so well, I have to wonder what the deal is with some of these guys and thier fancy super duty ford trucks and a dual aftermarket steering damper setup. It must be just for looks. (looks kinda stupid to me now)
dampers do help with axle truck is a highway monster without mine, but steers and handles nice with it. Helps mask some of the other looseness (bushings) problems that get amplified at higher speeds.

The damper is also there to help control kickback when the wheel gets away from you at slow speeds.

I've always run one...the week I didn't was not fun at any speed over 30 mph.
Thanks, I think I'll put some wear and tear on it and see how it goes. Then maybe a JCwhitney damper.
For the record the set up I've got is from Downey using an AGR box and pump. I really can't put a thumbs up for downey due to the fiasco getting the right parts from them :stupid:. But after all was said and done the system works very very well. Alot of credit is due Mark Whately :bow:for his expert welding and install help. Downey gives the idea in thier sales lit that "Harry Homeowner" :ugh: could install this kit in his back yard. Not. Particularly when they can't even assemble the correct parts together for the package. I really cant bitch too much cause the end result is so sweet. It is the best steering 4x4 I've ever driven (I'm an old fart so I've driven a few over the years) and that was a real nice supprise.

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