Steering Damper

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
I am trying to install my new Iron Man steering stabilizer but it seems to not go in straight, am I missing something? If I force it in will it put too much strain on the bushing?

Your installing it on the wrong side of the tie rod, flip the mounting stud

Thanks for setting me straight @grayjs, I should have taken a picture before I pulled it off, my old brain is not what it used to be. All is good now.
Happens to all of us. I constantly bust my brother in law's balls because he don't figure out why his brakes wouldn't bleed and he couldn't build pressure. I came out and saw his calipers were mounted backwards.

He then busts my balls because on a road trip in July I said Reverse felt dodgy because it wouldn't go into gear as we were leaving a gas station. I wasnt pushing the clutch in...

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