Steering column question

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Mar 30, 2005
Good day gentleman,

I'm interested in buying a LX 470 but the steering column does not go up or down. The telescopic feature works. Is this an expensive repair? The dealer indicated he would do it with a NAPA part for $300.00 and $200.00 labor. How big of a headache could this be for me down the road? Does this component fail often? It is a 1998.
May 18th nine years later....

Just bought my 99 LX470 over a week ago and my steering column had similar but different issues when I purchased. It does not telescope when using the toggle but will go up and down with the toggle. It's not a problem for me since it's at a perfect place for my driving style but would love to know what you've learned from your experience. Thanks!
If you look in the FAQ:

You should find an entry for "DIY: Telescoping Column Motor Removal/Repair"

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