Steering column question

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Mar 18, 2009
Escondido, CA
The deeper I dig into my new rig, the more exciting things I find. I already knew the power steering box was leaking, and the steering shaft had no slip joint in it. I ended up pulling the whole setup out, and the bottom of the column had some bailing wire holding a red seal in at a funny angle. The seal is worn in an oval, and nothing else supports the shaft inside the column. Do I just need a new seal, or is there some sort of bushing or bearing missing here? As you can see they did a beautiful job fabricating:wrench::banana: the new firewall mount. I also like the 3/8" weld at the bottom of the shaft U joint. Best case scenarion I'm going to redo the steering linkages from that shaft out, worst case maybe I need a new column? Steering is one thing I don't want to take a chance with, as this FJ40 will be purpose built for road racing. Not really. Does anyone recognize this column? GM?



Can anyone tell me if that red bushing is the only thing that's supposed to be in there? If so I'll reuse this column with a new U-joint.
cant tell where it came from , but...

from what i remember from a few other columns, that red seal is in reality the bearing that fits into the column housing in the second picture. then the "bailing" wire is a wire clip that holds it into place. the "red" bearing acts to center the column inside the housing, and provides a lube application so the steering column spins freely donw at that end. If you can see a GM or FORD, or whatever, that may "steer" you towards a used bearing, or a replacement. The reason for the oblong hole is the ccw or cw torque throws the steering shaft in/out(left right) and causing the oval shape.

I'd find a used bearing and trim the outer edges to fit. dissassemble from teh steering wheel down, and replace and assmeble oppsite. not a terrible task. the slip joint you are refering to is in teh picture, just under or ahdead of the red bearing. more likely a colision joint. there should be another joint for steering column slip that is not that type, so look for a boot on the shaft somewhere.
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Thanks, good info. There is a collision joint in the steering column, but no slip joint anywere else (PO did serious hack work). I'll see if I can't source a fresh seal/bushing. The bailing wire really was just some rusty old rebar tie wire hap hazzardly jam wired in there. The bushing was at a 45 deg angle when I pulled it out, no doubt causing the oblong hole.

I plan on rebuilding it from the first U-joint on, weld a good ujoint on, use some DD shaft, and a isolation U joint at the steering box. it didn't look like the Borgeson DD-DD slip joints came long enough (~30").
the best slip joints i ...

have seen are four or five fluted just like a drive shaft, but they mate only partically to allow shift along the steering column center line. When i replaced the steering column on my fj40-1/69 i used one from a fj62-88, it has a 10 inch or so slip joint with a rubber boot.

i would agree that rebuilding it all now is the best thing to do. best to your efforts.

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