Steering column and Seats 71 FJ 40

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Apr 29, 2005
United States
I have a stock steering column, steering wheel, box, bracket and associated steering linkage from a 71 40. I also have the stock front split bench seats which have been recovered. Reasonable offers will be accepted. Pics available. Need an auxillary tank if interested in a trade.
pm sent
Still have it. This is the complete column with steering wheel, column, shift linkage (3 Speed on column), box, box braket, relay rod, pivot arm assy, tie rod ends, ands steering stabilizer with braket.

Make and offer.
Cool. I don't need wheel but would like all the three-speed shift
stuff + steering column + steering box. Don't need from box out to
tie rods + that might make it a bear to ship. The ride is likely to be
expensive. How about $40 + the ride.
Going to Georgia 30033. If you can get me an
estimate for shipping, that will help me make up
my mind.
Best guess is around $50.00. UPS ground to Decatur GA. I estimated a package at 60inx5inx5in weighing 50 lbs. on the UPS web-site. If you would like the parts I'll take $50.00 plus ride. If you can find a ride cheaper thats how it will go.
If you have someone else who is interested feel free to let them
have it! If you end up with nothing but the steering box and
column (they are in one piece) let me know if it can be shipped
more cheaply. Thanks.
I'll ship it any way you want. If you can find a cheap way to you lets get-er done. This thing isn't doing me any good now.
Dave and I are still working out what exactly he needs but more than likely he will take that. Are you mainly interested in the box, column tube and shaft? Less weight and less money.
rgentry, you don't need the stock mounting bracket do you? You just need thebox and shaft right?

I don't have pay-pal any suggestions?
column parts gone

Sold all the column stuff. ANybody interested in a ste of recovered front bench seats for $50.00?

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