Staun 329 And Application

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Aug 26, 2003
Beaumont, Texas
Has anybody used Staun's anti-corrosive 329 formula and if so, how does it work? I have been reading up on the subject or corrosion prevention particurally after driving on the beach and through minor water crossings. I think I spend as much time underneath my cruiser as I do everywhere else because I am awware of the effects of corrosive elements underneath the vehicle and within the frame rails. I am always sure to remove any build up of mud ect after a weekend on the trail. The Staun 329 formula looks like it would be great to be able to apply it underneath the vehicle as you are cleaning. Just wonder if anyone can comment on it and also, does anyone know of a USA distributor of the Staun 329, 329 applicator and Massojet underbody buddy sprayer? Every place I find on the web is in Australia and they tell me that their water hose connectors are different from ours in the states so they reccommend I find a dealer here, only I have had no success.

Here is their website address:

Thanks for any information given.


I have no experience with the stuff, but the distributor question was too easy.

When I click on your link to the Staun website, there is a link at the top of their web page for distributors. Select international, usa, and TX for a list of distributors near you. 4 wheel parts looks to be a sure bet. If they don't carry the products, as a distributor they should definitely be able to order it.

Living in Michigan, I'm curious how that stuff works out for you. Salt corrosion sucks. I've used rust bullet on the body seams under the perimeter of my truck to try and delay the rust from taking hold there. A self-applied coating to help protect the entire underbody would interest me for the winter months. I've heard of spray wax, or types of heavy oil but I'm not sure of the effectiveness or mess of either one.

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