Wanted Starting to look early for a rust free, unmolested FJ60 4/5speed, decently priced

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United States
Kinda testing waters here. Seeing if anyone has a decently priced, clean FJ60, and unmolested aka no SOA or major mods. My wife and I are from Canada and any major mods is a no no across the border.

We're looking for a reason to take a trip down to Vegas/California and just wanna go on a road trip next march. We will probably end up going to Monster Jam finals and I would also like to find a nice clean FJ60 that I can purchase and drive back with us. We'll be replacing out old rusty HJ60 with it.

ETA is march 2014 so this gives me time to save up and hunt for deals. Thanks guys, Let me know what you have.
I have an 84 FJ60 in grand forks NoDak......just a short 90 min drive from the peg!!!

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