Starting problems

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Jun 8, 2003
I'm getting lighted dashboard indicator lights, but no crank at all when I try to start the 60.

Starter and ignition switch were replaced, and as far as I can tell all the wires to the starter and battery are secure without apparent corrosion. Ground from battery also seems tight.

Any advice on what else to check?

battery good? fusible links good?
does it do anything when trying to start? any noise?
Put a voltmeter on your starter solenoid and see what voltage you have, if any, while attempting to crank. If low, you have a wiring or connection problem. Starter solenoids draw a lot of current, so a bad connection(s) will result in a no start problem. If you don't have a voltmeter, get an old school, heavy duty starter test push button, which connects directly to the solenoid from the battery, bypassing your wiring. If the engine cranks, you know you have a wiring or connection issue. The push button is very handy for doing compression tests.
The starter is a new NAPA installed today. I had the battery tested and they said it was good. There is no noise when starting, no indication that it is trying to turn over/crank.
I pulled my starter a few weeks ago to paint the BB on the flywheel prior to setting the timing with the timing light. When I re-installed I missed and small plastic blade connection that needed to be connected. When it was disconnected it didn't crank at all. You might see if that was reconnected properly.
why did you change the starter? was this happening before?

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