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May 26, 2003
The rig just wasn't getting enough juice to crank over so i just bought a new battery. Everything was fine until now it won't even turn over, no clicking or anything. I'm thinking it could be the ignition coil or maybe the starter is gone. I really need some help. Advice would be greatly appreciated!
I would be happy to answer questions if it would help.
Check your ground cable from battery to frame. Check cable to solenoid from battery and to starter from solenoid. Check to make sure that starter bolts are firmly tightened. If you have a starter to frame ground check that as well. By check cables, I mean check every surface. I take every piece that has electricity flow through it and either touch it to the bench grinder quickly or use a wire brush. tap the starter/solenoid with a hammer a few times, check the wire from the igntion switch to the solenoid, and try hot wiring the terminal for the ignition switch to the battery to see if that gets the starter to going. (only temporarily touch the wire to the battery, or wire an inline push button switch) That should keep you busy for ahwile. Try all that and see what happens
is your alternator functioning properly?
I would check the alternator as well.. it may be that it is not charging properly and you just used all the juice from the new battery until it went dead again.. how many starts did you get out of the new battery before it died? Bench charge the battery and then try to restart the car.. if it starts, work through the points of the charging system to determine your problem.

check the stuff the others mentioned.

But if its really hot out then the heat can kill an old starter. Mine was just fine untill a 90+ deg day.....then it just went, hitting with a hammer did no good.

if it's an older(pre 82) starter then a GREAT upgrade is a 6/82+ gear reduction starter, it takes less amps to crank and spins much faster, it;s also smaller and is a bolt on mod. This is what I replace the old fj45 starter with.......cost less then the old type as well.

John H
Bench test your starter (removed for car). Check your grounds as indicated above. Your ground should not only go to your frame but should have a conection ot your motor and a smaller wire coming off of your battery cable going to your body. This will insure good grounding.
If i touch a hot wire to the ignition terminal on the starter solenoid it makes a clicking noise. I already have an inline push button ignition and when i push it nothing happens. Normally the rig would try and start but wouldn't keep it going. I've checked my grounds and the battery is fine. The alternator is a little out of my scope of understanding as of now so i wouldn't know it it was or wasn't functioning properly. I don't know what year the Chevy 350 came out of yet so i haven't yet been able to buy a manual for it. So practically all my engine work (which isn't much) Has been adapted from my landcruiser manual. I also have these questions:
would it be my ignition coil, distributor, alternator, wiring, or starter if my grounds are good and when i push the ignition and nothing happens (no sounds or movement) but the wires to and from the push button are hot?

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