Starting Issue - Only when my I turn off with an Electrical Load

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Sep 18, 2012
Centennial, CO
I'm hoping this great MUD crew can help.

I have had this happen 3 times in the past week. I drive somewhere, length of drive has been long and short. I turn off the engine, when I restart, no lights, no click no sounds (seat belts buzzer). First time it happened, I was in a parking lot. I have a jump pack but I couldn't get it to start. I tried taking off the positive battery cable and put it back on. It started. I had the battery tested, it was in good shape.

Next time it happened, was on Friday. Was in a parking lot, after driving 15 minutes. Did my shopping, came back and nothing... no noise, no lights. Remove the battery cable for a few seconds, put it back on and it started. Third time was Saturday. I was fishing and camping and after turning my engine off after a long drive, again... nothing.... Remove the battery cable, start it up again. I

Each time, I have had the heater on high or near high, defroster, radio on and sometimes the wipers going.

I have tried Google and looked over the forums, but if I missed something, please point it out.

I have a 1997, 3x Locked, with 275K miles on it. Engine rebuilt at 198k by PowerPig (Robbie) and replaced a starter 2 years ago. I am a 1 banana type of mechanic. I now try to turn everything off before I turn off the engine but that doesn't seem like it should be necessary, never was before.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts or comments?
Fusible links! Cheep and easy part to throw at it. I had intermittent starting issues that didn’t make diagnostic sense and it was definitely the fusible link. I now keep one in the glove box.
Every time you are removing the positive terminal the fusible links are being flexed allowing a marginal connection to get you going, That will fail to work before long.

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