starter problems?

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Jul 27, 2005
Eastern Ontario, Canada
I hope someone can help me out.....My 96 Landcruiser, (80) (107miles)would not start today after work. I tried several times but just got a slight "hum" when the starter should have been cranking-there was no starter noise at all. I tried for several minutes and finally it turned over. My wife failed to mention that she had a similiar episode last month!!

Any suggestions as to what could be the culprit? I'm thinking the starter, but am not sure.....

I know the battery is fine and is strong....

Re-build starter with new contacts and plunger. This is a fairly common problem and this re-build has become a PM item among us here.

If you do a search, you'll find lots of company.

CDan can have your parts to you in no time.
Search "Starter Contacts" - If you know the battery is fine...

"Smart" customers would call Dan (Cruiser Dan) from the vendor section.
any word on the mean green starters?....are they worth the money?
While you starter and/or contacts/plunger may be in need of repair, I'd first make sure you:

1. have a good battery; fully charged
2. have checked that the cable connectors are clean and tight on the posts
3. that both the ground and positive cables are secure and tight on the other ends; and
4. that the cables don't have a lot of corrosion on either end.

If all those are good, then I'd start worrying about the starter.

I have one on mine but used it very little before I parked my cruiser so I can’t give a fair assessment. FWIW, I did not notice anything different with it, nor did it look any different than stock.
I would call CDan and get the parts and rebuilt the one you have. All solenoids die. Just a matter of time. 1/10th :banana: job. Best to do it before you let the smoke out of your starter or engine compartment.

If your starter contacts are the problem, which is most likely considering the mileage and symptoms, then you really want to change them right away. There are at least a couple cases where bad starter contacts resulted in a fire.

If you don't want to rebuild.....

I replaced my OEM with a Bosch unit and it has provided excellent service...
If you are capable of removing the starter yourself, you are over 1/2 way through rebuilding it. There are a bunch of how to's with pics. Should take less than 20 minutes to rebuild it once you have it off the truck. Remove the small cover on the backside of the starter. Remove the plunger and spring. Make sure the little ball doesnt slip out and get loose. Use a can of electrical contact cleaner to clean out where the contacts and plunger are. Remove one contact at a time, being careful not to break the wires that the contacts rest against. Reinsert the plunger and spring, replace cover, bolt starter back in and youre done.

Costs less than 30.00 where a rebuilt starter will set ya back more. Not to mention you get the satisfaction of knowin it will last another 100k or so.

There are a couple different models of starters. You can look at the part # on the starter. PM CDan with that, and he will give you the part numbers for the right contacts.
You can also replace the magnito altogether which is what I did after accidentally cracking the electrical connection during removal. Replacing the entire magnito bumps it to a 2.5 bannana job, there are multiple screws to remove that were frozen solid that I had to drill out and replace.
thanks guys...

Appreciate all the imput guys.....

CDAN will be contacted for a rebuild kit!!!

Holy crap! 5 and a half weeks later and you still haven't done this?? Dave - you're playing with fire (literally) on this one. Don't put it off a day longer. Clearly you have not done a search on this item. It's about $30 for the little plunger and contacts, hundreds if you destroy the starter and thousands if your truck catches fire.

colicy baby

:crybaby: if anyone had one of these you would understand why i didn't get it done yet...will do as soon as i get the parts...

thx 4 the heads up tho...

Let me tell you that baby might cry more if you don't do the contacts. I would a least carry a 10mil wrench in the console to disco the battery cable if it sticks. The easiest way to tell most of the dash lights stay on after the truck starts.
Dave - dude - get this done ASAP. While going thru old cruiser invoices looking for something, I ran accross the last time my starter seized. I waited too long and the starter seized and fried both it and the alternator. Didn't know about rebuilding starter at the time. Rebuilt starter, alternator and labor was $1060!!!
Git er done my friend.
If youre lucky it only cooks the starter and alternator.

Worse case scenerio, it stays engaged and starts breakin teeth on the flywheel.

Worst case scenerio, landcruiser flambe'. If youve ever been inside a car with a seat belt on when the paint on the hood starts to bubble and curl, it will send a chill down your spine. Now imagine having the colicy baby in the car seat, a panicing wife, and smoke starting to billow from around the fenderwells.

contacts and a plunger can be done pretty quickly and relatively painless. I dont live nearby, but I've got free long distance on both the land line and cell phone. I think that covers canada too..... I can help out in that way if it helps.

There are a ton of websites full of pics on rebuilding a toyota starter. any toy site will have several links.


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