Starter or Park Paul?

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Apr 10, 2006
Bountiful, UT
So I've searched on starter contacts thinking that was my problem, but it doesn't sound like it is.

Occasionally when I start the truck all the lights go on, you can hear the fuel pump kick in and the fan work, but no start. No clicking, grinding, or even an attempt. Turn the key again and maybe you get the same result and maybe the truck will fire right up without hesitation or problems. It behaves just like you had it in Drive instead of Park. I have tried moving the shifter back and forth, starting in N instead of P and I get the same intermittent results. Inconclusive, but it doesn't appear that 'resetting' to make sure it knows it's in Park has anything to do with it.

I recently pressure washed the undercarriage...I know a lot of people say this is bad, but I was paying for service to be done on the front end and didn't want to pay labor time for their tech to knock off mud and grease.

Any thoughts?
I had similar problems. I ordered new starter contacts and plunger from CDan and have had no problems since. It seems as if not everyone has the exact same symptoms but that the remedy is the same in most cases.
As stated above....starter issue or ignition switch. I would start with checking the contacts to the starter.
Cool. Thanks.
At least one other person found that he needed a new ignition switch.... at least I think that was what ended up being the problem. Do a search and let us know what you find. I know he said the starter was OK... several times... so he went with the ignition switch.

Thanks B. I just spent the last hour+ reading all the pages on his posts (Roncruiser). The ignition switch did not resolve the problem ultimately. He purchased a new starter from CDan and 2 weeks later had not had the problem. I posted to see how it is going now.

Mine is a little different in that there is no audible 'CLICK' from the starter. After reading all those posts I'm leaning towards neutral kill switch...I'm also leaning towards a headache! :) I power washed the undercarriage and I'm thinking I may have shorted something out on that kill switch.
My problem was rthat I began by replacing the old starter with a used starter. The used starter turned out to be bad too which led to replacing the ignition switch. In the end, it was the solenoid that turned out to be bad in both starters. What luck :frown:

The good thing is that I learned so much about my ignition system :rolleyes: !!!
The good thing is that I learned so much about my ignition system :rolleyes: !!!

Yes you did, as did the rest of Mud! Holy cow that was quite the thread! But, I think if it were summarized it would make for a great FAQ / Tech write up.

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