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Mar 28, 2003
Here is a little mod I did to the starter. The solenoid and starter motor have little breathers on them so I extended them to tie in with the diff breathers etc. Sort of slow the water down a little when dunking. I've never seen it mentioned before so thought I would put it up for those that have too much time on their hands.
Thanks Bill :D

As everyone knows, I love breathers. Can you T the connections right there at the starter or did you chose to run both hoses up a few feet?
Ya, no problem with putting the Tee there; in fact the pic was sort of for illustration. The hose clamps were not on and the Tee not cut in. Also, is does make that already difficult bolt a little worse to get to with the hose to contend with. Very easy job. Just drill and tap 1/8" pipe with the grease trick. Plenty of clearance for the tap to work into.
2 diff breathers, 2 starter breather, 1 on the tranny and one on the transfer that it?

My couple hour job just keeps getting bigger!
...and don't forget your distributor breather, and make certain they're all plumbed to yer snorkel ::)
The starter breather tubes point vertically downwards on the 80. All the other breather tubes for the diffs/axles/TC and AT point vertically upwards

The breathers on the diffs/axles/TC and AT need to suck in air to remvoe the vacuum created when sudden cooling occurs such as during a river crossing otherwise the vaccum will tend to suck in river water.


1. Since the starter breathers are short stubs pointing downwards, are they not drains instead of breathers?

2. Would it not be better to waterproof the starter like all other electrical components with some sort of spray on plastic/grease?

3. By extending the breathers on the starter vertically upwards, is there not more of a chance of trapping water inside the starter because of the necessity of creating a 180° loop in the drain going downwards to upwards?


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