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Sep 6, 2010
r like 2 weeks now, when I crank up the truck it shudders... like a wet dog shaking itself dry for a minute... maybe a hair longer and then she goes back to purring like a kitten.
She's got oil... what else could it be.
No engine lights come on...

Although curiously,,When it's real cold the vsc lights will come on and later go off
Could be a mis-fire that isn't setting off the CEL. May want to pull and inspect the coil packs.

Last year I had a shutter when the ambient temps were low (<32*) and the engine was not up to operating temps. No CEL. I finally narrowed it down to coil packs being the cultrate and found two no name units that had cracks in the them. Switch out for a couple spares I had and the shutter went away. I ended up installing 8 new Denso coil packs.

Not saying this is your issue, but it is one thing to look at.
01 lx470 with 278,000 on the clock. Just got back from a 3,000 mile trip out to Moab and back. Did a ton of pm before the trip with new spark plugs and replaced a bad coil. Drove into town this morning 40 minute drive. Got into a parking place and truck was idling fine for a few minutes while I was checking emails etc. Then truck started shaking pretty violently like a motor mount was broken or something. I got underneath and everything looks fine. Then after a few minutes it smoothed out. Then it will come back. It doesn’t matter if I change gears forward reverse etc. I’ve revved the engine a little to see if it changes and nothing. Just shakes more as rpm increases. Then it will just go away on its own. No cel yet. I’ve driven around the block a little and will be fine for about 5-10 minutes. Just appears randomly and goes away randomly. At this point I’m thinking bad harmonic balancer, motor mounts, spark plug, loose spark plug, or possibly another bad coil. Super thankful we made it back home when this occurred. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas or seen this. I’ve searched and this is the closest thread I’ve seen so far.
Thanks! Jason

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