stalling problem was intermittent....

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Dec 29, 2004
I've used this forum to find solutions to problems with my LC and LX450...many thanks.

My '97 LX450 had an intermittent problem where the engine would stall without any warning. Other times the stall was preceded by a rough idle or the engine would "stumble."

As some suggested, check or replace filters, TPS, etc. I followed those suggestions, by blowing out the fuel line with compressed air, replacing the inline filter and the pump screen, but it still would stall, especially when cornering.

What I found was that the electrical contact to the fuel pump--the connector inside the fuel tank that plugs into the pump--was so corroded that when turning a corner, which caused the gas in the tank to slosh against the pump assembly, the pump would then lose power and the engine died.

A shot of electrical contact cleaner on the fuel pump electrical connectors solved the trouble.
Where are you located? North East US?
Wow, good diagnosing! Sounds tough to track down, glad you got it fixed.

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