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Dec 5, 2009
Mu trusty old cruiser with 310k miles is playing up. It is a 1998 1hd-fte here in the UK and it was going fine until yesterday and hesitated then died while moving. I pulled over started it up and continued. It did the same an hour or so later again. Today it is really bad and in the end wouldn't start but turns over great. I took the top pump cover off and the Spill Control Valve doesn't seem to have a removable connector. It is brown plastic with some epoxy round the base. Does anyone have a checklist for the sensors and valves with resistances etc? Diesel filter is 5k miles old and it seems electrical shut off rather than diesel starvation. I have read all the other threads and it seems like a sensor or relay related to the pump but the threads don't have much testing info. The SPv should have c2k ohms resistance but the plug doesn't seem removable. Any tips greatly appreciated!


Apr 14, 2017
Not familiar with the 1HD-FTE, but if my 300TDi had done that, my first check would be the connection at the fuel shutoff solenoid on the injector pump--if that connection is bad, it could produce these symptoms. No idea if an electronically controlled diesel even has one of those, but perhaps this will be of use.

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