Stalled on the highway and now it won't start

Oct 1, 2002
Peachland, BC, Canada
Driving to work the other day and my '78 40 died on me.

Tried to start it again, would seem to fire as long as the starter is engaged, but won't quite catch (so would just die off as the key was let off).

Has even spark. Changed the carb with a working spare I had in the garage. Neither helped..

checked for fuel pump flow, seems to be pumping out a fair bit of fuel when I crank it (and the fitting is off the carb..)

Any ideas???
Mar 30, 2003
Washington State
Jumper the + side of the coil to the positive terminal of the battery and try starting it. If your truck rumbles to life then remove the jumper wire and check the RUN circuit of your ignition system especially the ballast resistor and ignition switch.  My resistor gave up the ghost while driving to tuscon last year and I had to fry my coil to get me home (ran great for about an hour at 14.7 volts before it overheated and baked the paint off the mounting bracket).  If you allready tried this then let this be a lesson for everyone! I almost forgot, check to make sure there is plenty of spark. should bridge a 1/2 inch gap at the plugwire effortlessly while cranking even with points ignition. Sorry for the long post!

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