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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
Just a feeler if there is any interest out there ?
I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a drop off and pick up with their fj or bj 40.
My location is Alberta Canada.
I have done a partial tub in stainless steel, door posts to rear on my bj42. including 3'' nerf bars in stainless. It was later sprayed with rattle can beige, no primer. As this bj was my dd. and off-roading and camping truck I didn't see any sense doing an expensive paint job when used off-road.
Stainless patchwork done on front fenders.
There are no contours in the floor plate or inner fenders.
Also I've cut chopped and rebuilt my fj45 into an extra cab and shortened the box. I can lengthen or shorten a frame if it is in decent shape.
I've done the drafting and tig welding myself. Any process I can weld except aluminum as I don't have a machine that can weld aluminum.
I can take ideas and put them on paper, produce the parts then weld.
I would take on small or large projects. Cut and replace or turn an fj40 into a troopy, fj43 fj45 or fj45 king cab, half cab, extra cab,
The photo is taken 1996 bj42 stainless steel tub. I still have the truck today. My fj45 was a cut and chop done in steel.
Please note 1st pic is of a photograph, other photos are done with phone.
The bj42 was rebuilt in stainless in 1995, many off-roading was done over 10 years, now it sits in a garage waiting for trany mounts and electrical work. Recent work done was replacement body mounts under A pillar. fj45 waiting more mechanical work before being put on the road. The fj45 was also sprayed with a spray can undercoat to give it a different finish.

R cruiser.jpeg


bj42, 2.jpeg

bj42 3.JPG

1:4 panel stainless.JPG
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