Stainless bolts for exhaust/block

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Jan 22, 2007
Alva, Fl.
Contemplating PS conversion for my '77. Looking for stainless bolts for the mountings-10mmX1.25 thread, maybe 20-40 mm long. Have searched FAQs(and all links) and all other threads I can find to locate these bolts--no luck yet(maybe I missed some)
Anyone have a source for these bolts? Maybe stainless is not an option-but could use grade 5 and up if not available(can't find these either)
Head to your local fastener place with the old bolts as examples and theyll set you up. Maybe Im lucky but I live in a mining town and theres 3 different nut/bolt specific places within 5km of my house lol. Make sure to slather a bunch of anti seize on the threads if youre using stainless.

Thank you 71FJ40! Seems like they have what I need.(I did try Wurth and Fastenal-no luck)
Darwink1-no luck at any of the local stores here-thanks.
I wouldn't use ss bolts on any exhuast parts.....they will not expand and contract at the same rate as the block and always loosen up and fall out on you. Just my exp. good luck

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