SST OTC 09990-00480 Where can I get one?

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Oct 7, 2014
Columbia, SC
Hoping someone can help me track down SST part number 09990-00480. I'm in the process of rebuilding the master cylinder and replacing the booster/accumulator. While doing the research on the repair I stumbled stumbled across an ABS actuator checker SST 09990-00150 on eBay and picked it up for a cheap price. Now I need the other sub harness so I can use to bleed and test the rebuilt system. Problem is they are currently on back order with OTC (the manufacturer) until the end of June. Hoping someone on the forum can point me toward a source that might have one.

Since I'll have this thing sitting in a drawer if anyone in the Columbia SC area is in need let me know if you need to borrow.
Trying to bump this back up - sorry if that violates forum etiquette. Maybe one of the Mudders on here who works for a Toyota dealership can give me a line on finding this tool. Thanks!
I sent my Bosch (who now owns OTC/kent moore) contact an email...we'll see.
I sent my Bosch (who now owns OTC/kent moore) contact an email...we'll see.

Thanks - I appreciate it. Just finished swapping out the booster pump and actuator and installing the MC rebuild kit. Bled the four corners and all feels good but would love to cycle everything through then bleed one last time to make sure all the filthy old fluid out of the system.

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