Squeak/Clang/Rattle when going over bumps - SOLVED FINALLY


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May 22, 2016
Pilbara Region Western Australia
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Alright i finally bit the bullet and decided to replace the whole park/hand brake system as the noise going over bumps was driving me crazy. I know a few here were having the same issues and some said they pulled the brake up a click and it would go away, lending itself to definitely be park/hand brake related and not shocks or worn bushes somewhere like many would point to.

In any case i tackled the Toyota Brake Puzzle and pulled the million springs, clips and moving parts out (OTTRAM vid on youtube was a godsend). its not as hard as it looks, just take a few pics before pulling it out. The two spring loaded retaining pins where a PITA with awkward position to push from behind the rotor guard and then push and twist 90deg to lock in place.

But noise has gone away , bell cranks were working fine and the brake now even works! If you havent already replaced yours, i suggest just do it and watch the OTTRAM vid for help if need be. Having a working brake is great and easily done in a couple of hours if you are handy on the tools.

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