Sep 27, 2004
okay. working a 24 hour shift friday (paramedic). slow shift, getting bored. hey, why don't i check the resistance of my spark plug wires. great, all were well within specs. when pulling #2 (using spark plug boot pulling pliers of course), the metal piece that is crimped onto the end of the wire, which connects to the spark plug, seperated. yes, there it was, still on the end of the spark plug. after fishing it out of the metal tube we started running calls back to back until morning. time to go home and sleep. i just pushed the metal piece back onto the end of the spark plug and pushed the wire boot/sleeve down into position. well driving home it sounded okay. slight missing, it seems at idle. tailpipe smelled a bit like unspent fuel. i guess it is conducting some of the time. short drive home, anyways. question; is it possible to slide the wire out the end of the sleeve so that i can recrimp the piece back on or does anyone have a #2 wire in decent shape laying around their garage. i hate to replace all the wires when they are all in good shape ( <7500 ohms ). didn't have a chance to look all that closely at the wire. not sure if it is one piece or if the wire is just inserted into the boot/sleeve part. shawn


Apr 29, 2003
They might look to be in good shape...but what is the date printed on the wires? (Assuming they are OEM) Mine looked fine...but upon inspection of the date they were the original ones.

Have you changed them?
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