Spun the rear driveshaft

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Ooops :eek:


Now what? I am going to see if I can get it retubed locally, but REALLY want to get a thicker tube. This shaft is out of a minitruck, so I'm not real sure on the specs, but it bolted right up real nicely at a nice price when I got it from a fellow Mud member originally (thanks RK). Anybody have any input on this?

:beer: Ramon
Yup, that happens. Take what's left to a driveshaft shop, ask for thick tubing.
I know some people enjoy twisting one up, but I don't think this is what they mean :)

:beer: R
Now i understand the post on the ONSC site :D

I got tom woods coupons that are yours for the having if you wanna go that way. or usually about a 150 for a retube and balance up here in winston.
Howdy! I did that once in my Piggy. Mine didn't quite let go, but it just did a 90 degree bend at the twist. I could make about 3 mph before the balance was soo bad that I was afraid the windows were going to shake out. A good retube will run under $200. Ya do need to know the static length to tell the shop.. John
Yo J - PM me about the coupons. They quoted about $389 for a new shaft - flange to flange, and around $160 for a retube using .120 wall. Curious if the coupons would be good for a retube :hmm:

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