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BC Cruiser said:
What springs are you guys using on your SOA? Are you staying with your stock springs or using something else?
99.99% are on stock springs. The rest are combinations of what people found in the tresure yard, had lying around, got for free, heard worked well, or just liked or some are lift springs for guys that want to be really tall. Longer leaves from other cruisers are also popular.
Stock springs are good for alot of flex but can sag after awhile. A anti rap bar is a must with stock springs. Most cruisers that I have seen have stock springs with soa.
stock in the front, modified YJ leaves in rear (longer leaves = longer wheel base, better ride, more flex)

required a bit of mods for that one, we'll see how it works sooner or later
Hi All:

Using stock FJ55 rear leaf spring packs in the rear for a SOA FJ40 has been popular here on the West Coast for awhile . . . to the point where one actually has to to PAY for used FJ55 springs! ;)

Stock 60/62 Series springs are a good choice if one wants to extend the wheelbase while doing the SOA swap; many a SOA FJ40 has been done on the tired, stock leaf springs it came with 30 years ago.


BC Cruiser said:
What springs are you guys using on your SOA? Are you staying with your stock springs or using something else?
Have been sprung over for almost 20 years so here is my input------I drive a 40 and also a 45 pick-up------The truck works great with it's own stock leaf springs, no axle wrap bar needed-------the 40 started with stock leaves which the front work well with shackle reversal, the rears would sag then bend the spring into an "S" shape, to remidy the bending of the rears I would add another leaf under the main leaf. this setup works well and even better if you have a rear locker since you loose some flex................. I ran man a fre's 2 1/2" comfort springs for a couple years, way more flex then stock, but the rear springs kept breaking------------for the last 2 years I have Dakar OME springs, with no axle wrap bar, 2 1/2" over stock and no problems at all, I usually run 36" tires but 44's would fit. HTH John Pardi TLCA*1561
Hay everyone, since were talking soa springs what about body roll. i have that problem and liked to get rid of it .i switched to rancho 9000's that help some .
would the add a leaf work tooo. i run man a fre 2.5 and removed 2 in the rear and 1 in the front.
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i opted for the 55 springs. i paid $100 for mine, seems to be about the going rate. just like 40 springs, just both sides are the same legnth of the long side of a 40 spring.
BC Cruiser said:
Cool, I still have my old stock springs, but they sagged. Can you still buy new stock springs?

They can be re-arched. There was a place in SLC that would do them for about $30 a piece 10 years ago.....
"They can be re-arched. There was a place in SLC that would do them for about $30 a piece 10 years ago....."

I haven't heard good things about re-arching LC springs, that they will just sag again in a couple years.

"old man emu is a good option"

I'm thinking about these springs, but was told they would be a bit too tall with the SOA.
Those "saggy ol stock springs" are what I run on my SOA and they work great. I wouldn't want it to be any taller. I'm getting great flex and the ride is good.
AAA Springs in SLC. The re-arching is, at best, temporary. Had the rear leaf springs on my Mustang done and it lasted about 3 years with very light (500 miles/year) driving.
2.5" lift springs minus one leaf.....

I would rather have stock springs, but this is what I had to work with. May be changing that later.
peesalot said:
alcans at all 4 . 2" longer than stockers and a slight lift.

How much of a "slight" lift did you end up with?

I was going this route, but was told in an email from someone at Alcan that the springs would wind up with a minimum 2" lift over stock cruiser springs. My buddy used Alcans for the SOA on his heep and they didn't settle much.
could one use ome springs for a 60 series and take one of the leaves out to keep a more or less stock height but have a softer ride? my soa is saggy with stock springs and i saw that some just throw an add-a-leaf on it. will that take care of it? how much will the wheelbase be if i used 60 springs?

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