Spring/shock question, need to order today

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Sep 6, 2010
I posted earlier... I need replace my shocks tomorrow cause I need to road trip Thursday evening.
I had my shocks replaced... but...
The story is I had so much luggage in the truck, it compressed the springs more than what the guy could tighten down the nuts on top of the spring...
The top of the shock was loose and 1 of the top... whatever holds the shock in place broke off.
So now I got to replace.
I dont want to do this a 3rd time...
So I sorta got to find a solution I can buy locally or get shipped to me soon....
Any thoughts?
OEM shocks and new OEM springs with air bags or OME springs with a higher spring rate (they have many options, I don't know model numbers offhand). Cruiser Outfitters may be a great resource for this.

I don't know what you're referring to with the compressed springs making shock mounts loose and so on. I may just not be picturing that correctly or maybe something's gotten lost in translation.

I'd start by getting the exact parts broken identified and then give cruiseroutfitters and/or local dealer a call. Getting your ideal setup and doing it by Thursday might not be compatible. I don't think much of this stuff is stocked and ready to go locally and the bill to next day air springs and shocks would likely be astronomical.
Yeah, something is off about the compression/shock top threads deal.

Your shocks in the rear have retention washers that load up the bushings. Using a 22mm ratcheting wrench will make quick work of tightening it down.

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